Costs Of Treatments

The cost of consultations are:
First appointment and examination £175
Subsequent appointments £100
Teaching injection therapy £50 (includes the cost of the medication itself. This is added to the cost of the consultation fee)
Course of six penile shockwave treatments £1500. Either six or twelve treatments are given depending on the response after the first six. 
If possible it would be best if blood tests to check testosterone were done at the GP'S surgery prior to any visit to the ED clinic. However if this is not possible blood tests, urine tests or scans that are required can be arranged directly at the clinic. These would cost extra but no test will be arranged without information regarding the cost. Also some blood and urine tests may be arranged by the GP following a consultation in the clinic.
NHS prescribing
The NHS now has strict rules about the prescribing of treatments for erectile dysfunction. Treatments can be prescribed by the GP on an NHS prescription following a consultation in the ED clinic but only when the patient is suffering from one of the conditions listed below, and usually with a restriction of four treatments a month.
Prostate Cancer
Previous prostate surgery 
Previous major pelvic surgery or radiotherapy 
Multiple sclerosis and a small number of other neurological diseases 
Spinal cord injury 
Renal failure treated by transplant or dialysis 
On treatment for erectile dysfunction prior to October 1998
In certain cases if there is felt to be severe distress and anxiety then the rules indicate that NHS prescriptions can be obtained after assessment in a specialist NHS clinic.
Patients who do not suffer from any of the above can be given a private prescription for any of the treatments available. The cost may vary from chemist to chemist. Current costs for medication prescribed by private prescriptions can be found by looking at There is no cost for issuing the private prescription.
Please note that both viagra and cialis are now off patent and much cheaper generic versions are available (sildenafil and tadalafil respectively). 

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