Penile Injection therapy

Penile injections with alprostadil (trade name caverject) revolutionised the treatment of impotence. Caverject works in about 70-80% of men with impotence even when tablets are unsuccessful. It produces an erection about 10minutes after the injection which can last between 20minutes and 2 hours. The dose varies from patient to patient and usually two or three goes are necessary to find the correct dose for each individual. We teach patients how to perform the injections themselves. 

Important points about alprostadil

The needle used for the injection is extremely fine and the majority of patients are surprised at how painless the procedure actually is.

Some patients find that their erections return spontaneously once they have used the injections. This may be because they no longer have any "performance anxiety", or it may be the result of encouraging blood flow back to normal levels.
Since January 2014 there has been a shortage of caverject due to manufacturing problems. Caverject dual chamber packs will not be available for at least two years. Standard caverject packs are available but the supply is intermittent.

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