Vacuum Devices

Until the 1980's the only treatment available for erectile dysfunction was a vacuum pump. Although considered by some to be a little cumbersome these devices are popular and have certain advantages over the other treatments available.

There are no significant side effects to using them, they cause no long term damage to the penis and they require only a one-off purchase and work in upto 70% of patients. They can be used as frequently as required.

However they cost between(£170-£300) unless covered by the NHS (check NHS availability). Many companies however offer a money back guarantee if patients are not satisfied with the device and return it within three months.

They need to be used just before intercourse starts and some couples find this interrupts their love making so that some spontaneity is lost. 

We work closely with the pump manufacturers who often send a representative to join our clinic and who then can spend time with patients who wish to consider this device and learn about it in more detail

Links to some of the companies that manufacture these devices are given below

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